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A reliable stake pool, for lower fees. Say what?


We see great potential in the Cardano project and its development based on formal methods.
We are operating this node to be part of it and to contribute to its success.
Happy staking.

Fixed Fee
340 ADA
Variable Fee


We are starting with basic virtual servers, geographically distributed. 1 block producer server and 3 relay servers.
As soon as enough rewards will be secured, the virtual servers will be migrated to deidicated servers.


Helsinki, Finland

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @3.8GHz
6 Cores / 12 Threads
DISK: 2x 512 GB NVMe SSD - RAID 1

Relay 1

Philadelphia, PA, USA

CPU: Intel Xeon Gold 5120 @2.2GHz
6 Cores / 6 Threads

Relay 2

New York, USA

6 vCPU


Relay 3

Private relay, Germany

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @3.8GHz
6 Cores / 12 Threads
DISK: 2x 512 GB NVMe SSD - RAID 1


28 Apr 2021
Just received 15M delegation from CF. For the next 2 weeks we will be scaling up our hardware. Buckle up! :)

04 May 2021
We have migrated the block producer node to a new server with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor and 64GB of RAM.
The server that was previously dedicated to the block producer is now running a relay node.

05 May 2021
Added a new server in Singapore to run the forth relay node. Asia-Pacific here we come!

06 May 2021
This is not a drill, we repeat, this is not a drill :) CF delegation just kicked in and we started minting blocks.
In epoch 264 KROM is scheduled to create 13 blocks, just shy of the 14.5 estimated blocks for our active stake.

11 May 2021
All 13 blocks of epoch 264 were minted, resulting in a ROS (annualized Return On Stake) of 4.48%.
In epoch 265 the number of scheduled blocks is 16, that will bring ROS above 5%.

16 May 2021
Boom! Back on track. Epoch 265 came indeed with a ROS of 5.58%.
We have upgraded all our servers to cardano node version 1.27.0 and we are now off for a smooth sailing.

5 Jun 2021
We hit a couple of slow epochs. Both in epoch 270 and 269 KROM has been elected slot leader for only 10 slots out of the 14.7 ideal ones.
Our servers are performing well and we are confident things will level out in the next epochs.

11 Jun 2021
We just minted the 100th block on mainnet! We are still getting assigned less blocks than the ideal number, but this will hopefully change soon.

25 Jul 2021
The three months of the Cardano Foundation delegation are over. We would like to thank CF for giving us the chance to prove we are a reliable stake pool. So far we have minted 193 blocks. We didn't have much luck with the block "lottery" during the period of the CF delegation, but at least we had a very good last epoch with an outstanding 7.29% ROI :)
Waiting for new delegators to join us, we will keep operating our node with the same dedication and passion we put in it so far.

11 Aug 2021
Variable fees lowered from 1% to 0%.

05 Sep 2021
All our nodes have been updated to the latest cardano-node version (1.29.0), we are ready for the Alonzo hard fork on September 12.

09 Oct 2021
All our nodes have been updated to cardano-node version 1.30.1, we are ready for the next hardfork that should occur by the end of month.

11 Nov 2021
The hardfork was successful and we already upgraded our nodes to the latest cardano-node verison (1.31.0).

08 Jan 2022
All our nodes have been upgraded to v1.33.0

01 Mar 2022
We have upgraded our nodes to Cardano node version 1.34.0

11 Mar 2022
We have upgraded our nodes to Cardano node version 1.34.1